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Start Up Funding

In today’s market, start-up companies truly have the deck stacked against them.  With increasingly limited options available to them and limited available information as to what those options are, an entrepreneur can often find themselves discouraged.

Inventory Funding

Our funding can focus on allowing you to fill and refill your inventory as needed, without taking any penalty. With low rates and low monthly payments, you have the flexibility needed to increase your inventory based on demand.

Expansion Funding

Need a new backhoe? Or a credit card processing app? Or, heck, even a six-speed blender for all those sales guys on your team who do Crossfit after work and can’t seem to function without their morning protein smoothies? There’s a loan for that.

Payroll Funding

For some business owners, missing payroll is not an option. If it’s happened before, or if you can’t afford to disappoint employees, it’s imperative that you find the funds to issue paychecks.

About Us

Our Funding Specialists are here to guide you and develop a plan to help get your business needs met.

Lighthouse Funding was built around a few fundamental principles but our Keystone would be Customer Relations. From building Custom Funding Plans to maintaining long standing relationships with our clients to ensure we find the best funding solutions for you. Our Funding Specialists are trained to be able to assess your current situation, identify the best solution for you, and execute the funding process to get you what you need when you need it.

USA Financial Consultant For Start Up Funding
USA Financial Consultant For Business Funding

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With our knowledge and expertise we would like to help you through your funding procurement process. We will provide you with the capital you need to accomplish whatever it might be that you have in mind for making your business goals a reality.

Our Process

Underwriting & Approval

In order to get approved and see how much funding you could potentially qualify for, we have you pull a three bureau credit report. This will NOT impact your credit in any way. Once our underwriters have reviewed it, we will get back to you with an approval in just a short time.


Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our clients. We accomplish this with transparency, and sharing the goal of getting our clients the best funding available. When we do, we continue to work with our clients to teach them how to build business credit and establish themselves for the future.


We specialize in getting our merchants access to revolving, unsecured lines of credit that can be used however the business owner sees fit. This includes expansion, payroll, marketing, paying off existing business debts or any other needs.


“The Rep was kind and patient with me through my first time going through to process of funding procurement. He told me what was needed and what we needed to do to get approved. This was smooth and the process paid off, allowing me to propel my business further.” 


Our fridge went out at our restaurant and we needed a one right away. Lighthouse Financial got us funding quickly without us having to get raked over the coals with high interest rates or daily payments.”


“We had been turned down going about things the traditional way. We were about to give up on trying to find funding until we were referred to Lighthouse Financial. They were able to get us unsecured funding that was well within what we required. What a relief.”


Lighthouse Financial was able to walk us through the process and we were able to secure funding to start up our car dealership. Thank you!