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It’s extremely common for aspiring business owners to shoot themselves in the foot before they even start by giving up equity in order to acquire financing to get their dream off the ground. Often that causes the entrepreneur to lose control of their vision.

This is simply not necessary in most cases. We have experience and knowledge to bestow on you that will help you maintain control and also provide you the capital you need to start taking action and executing your plan.

Are you already in business? As we all know, things happen. More often than not, businesses fail due to lack of funds. Around 80% of businesses fall into that trap according to experts. It’s important to stay one step ahead when you’re operating your company.

Lighthouse Financial will be there every step of the way as you develop your business and do everything in our power to provide you financial flexibility – a crucial aspect to maintaining your ability to adapt and stand up to your competition. Each client file is underwritten and qualified wholly on a borrower’s credit rating and stated business information.


Lighthouse Financial Process: Underwriting and Approval

Underwriting & Approval

To get approved and see how much funding you could qualify for, we have you pull a three-bureau credit report. This will NOT impact your credit in any way. Once our underwriters have reviewed it, we will get back to you with an approval in just a short time.

Lighthouse Financial Process: Establishing Long Term Relationships


Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients. We accomplish this with transparency, and sharing the goal of getting our clients the best funding available. When we do, we continue to work with our clients to teach them how to build business credit and establish themselves for the future.

Lighthouse Financial Process: Procurement


We specialize in getting our merchants access to revolving, unsecured lines of credit that can be used however the business owner sees fit. This includes expansion, payroll, marketing, paying off existing business debts, or any other needs.